Wanyue Wang

Production Assistant, Biology PhD Student

Ever since the first biology class in junior high school, Wanyue has been convinced that life is a miracle. It is this curiosity about how life works that led Wanyue to get her bachelor’s degree in Biological Science from Peking University in China. Currently, she is pursuing her Ph.D. at Yale University and trying to unlock the secret of the brain using the fruit fly as the model organism.

Having worked with zebrafish, bacteria, and cell lines, Wanyue has broad interests in diverse biological questions. Her research right now is studying the taste and smell of fruit flies. Specifically, she is trying to understand how could different fruit fly species find their favorite food by tasting and smelling them, and what neural circuits in the brain are underlying these decisions.

Besides research, Wanyue also enjoys sharing science with the general public, especially with kids and students. She has volunteered in several science outreach programs and wishes to communicate science to a wider audience.

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