Victoria Crystal

Podcast Host and Creator, Paleontologist, Geologist

Growing up in Denver, Colorado, Victoria developed a passion for paleontology by frequently exploring the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. She later got her bachelor’s degree in geology from Colorado College and her master’s degree in geology and paleontology from the University of Colorado Boulder.

Along with geology and paleontology, Victoria is also passionate about education and STEM outreach. She is a certified Environmental Educator and has spent summers teaching science and leadership at the Keystone Science School and the Logan School for Creative Learning in Colorado.  

Victoria’s research focuses on understanding ancient ecosystems from the Late Cretaceous period (the time of the dinosaurs) and the early Paleocene (the time just after the extinction of the dinosaurs).

She measures the carbon and oxygen in fossil dinosaur teeth to learn about what the dinosaurs were eating and drinking. She also measures the size and shape of fossil leaves to determine what the average temperature was when the leaves were alive and how much it rained at that time.

In the picture to the left, she is collecting samples of the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary (the line that marks the extinction of the dinosaurs) in the Denver Basin, Colorado.

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